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Conservative Businesswoman Merideth VanSant Releases ‘Anti-Socialism’ Campaign Video Ad

Republican businesswoman Merideth VanSant today released a longform biographical video on social media introducing voters to her life story and campaign message, which is centered around stopping the socialist agenda in D.C. and Central Oklahoma. VanSant is running in Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District which includes most of Oklahoma County, including Oklahoma City and Edmond as well as Pottawatomie, and Seminole Counties. The seat is currently held by Democrat Kendra Horn, who, since barely winning the seat from Republicans in 2018, has voted with socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi 89 percent of the time. This is the first time in half a century that a Democrat has held the Central Oklahoma seat - a blemish VanSant is running to correct. VanSant’s ad rolls out her life story and her goals to stop the spread of socialism as an outsider and conservative businesswoman.

To view the video, visit here: https://youtu.be/Om5mf-XRMqI

“With a Democrat representing Oklahoma in Congress, we face a future of socialism for our children,” said VanSant. “The good old days of being rewarded for honest, hard work are in danger. As a business owner, I know that Oklahoma families cannot afford to keep a liberal in Congress. I’m running for Congress to stop the liberal socialist agenda, promote the free-market, defend Christian conservative values, and stand with President Trump in putting Oklahomans first.” VanSant first worked at her family’s hardware store and lumberyard where she learned the value of hard work and serving her community. Merideth is a product of Oklahoma public schools and an award-winning business management consultant. She has been a featured keynote speaker on business issues, a former U.S. Delegate at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit representing the Trump Administration, and the co-founder of a social enterprising company that serves inner-city youth. “I’m proud to share my first big campaign ad with Oklahomans. Being a business management consultant and small business owner, I have seen and experienced the effects that liberal regulations have on businesses. There’s no question about it: We must prevent a future of socialism,” said VanSant. The Republican Primary to choose the party’s nominee for Congress is on June 30.  

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